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About Parent Smart Learning

Our Vision

Is a world where parents and caregivers feel calm, curious and connected so they can positively influence the wellbeing of children and young people.


Our Mission

To help parents and caregivers understand and use insights and tools from neuroscience to help them raise resilient families.

Our Why

The personal challenges we have faced raising our own children and the feelings of confusion and frustration motivated us to learn more about how we could help ourselves help our children.  During this process we shifted our understanding of behaviour from a command and control model to to one focused on the power influence. Hearing about the challenges of friends and families in the community through our professional roles motivated us to create ParentSmart Learning so we could help others.


Why Now?

In the last decade there has been a huge increase in the number of people with mental health challenges and the recent pandemic has exacerbated this. Mental health and wellbeing are complex areas and there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution to the challenges that individuals face. There is an increasing amount of research that indicates there is a mismatch between our environment and our biology, however there is also convincing evidence that people can develop the tools to be happier. Neuroscience gives us a huge range of evidence based tool that are easy to use and effective.


More About Us

We are educators and parents, between us we have 8 children aged from 9 to 21. Over the years we have had our own challenges, including understanding and managing children who are neurodiverse.  We have often felt alone and frustrated not sure of what do to and how to handle things. We have often struggled to find the advice and support we needed and this motivated us to spend thousands of hours researching and training. 


ParentSmart Learning is the result of this journey and pulls together insights and from neuroscience and psychology to offer a holistic approach to understanding and resolving the challenges families face. The skills and tools we share are science based and tried and tested in the real world.

We know from feedback that the education and support we offer is transformative, making a real difference to individuals and their families. We look forward to sharing ParentSmart Learning with you.

Andrea Edmondson

  • Certified Self-Reg Learning Facilitator, Mehrit Centre, Canada

  • Post Grad Diploma, Understanding and Supporting Behaviour and Special Needs, University of East London 

  • M.Ed, Institute of Education, University of London 

  • PGCE Primary Education, Institute of Education, University of London 

  • M.A. History of Art & Psychology, University of Glasgow 

  • 30 years of experience of consulting and coaching in a variety of sectors in the UK, Belgium and America

  • Raising four children, aged 21, 18, 16 & 13

  • Experience in managing dyslexia, ADHD and ASD in homes and in schools

  • Serving Governor at Ripon Grammar School, North Yorkshire

  • Super Board member 'The Change for Children'

  • Wellbeing & Behaviour Consultant and Coach find our more at

Alison Stubbs

  • Certified Cognitive Behavioural Learning Facilitator

  • Assistant Head of Learning Support at Temple Moor High School

  • PGCE Secondary Education, University of Leeds 

  • BA (Hons) History & Philosophy, Bath Spa University 

  • Raising three children, aged 18, 16 & 11, two with dyslexia

  • Governor at Temple Moor High School, Kirby Overblow and New Park Academy

  • 25 year’s experience of teaching all age groups

  • Specialist in special educational needs

  • Expert in managing challenging behaviours

  • Various school leadership roles  

  • Currently in a full time Primary school teacher role

  • Co-founder of Parent Smart Learning


Kate Tiffen

  •  BEd (Hons) Physical Education with Dance (Qts) Leeds Metropolitan University (Carnegie)

  • 22 years teaching PE, Biology & PSHE in primary & secondary school, both in the state and private sectors  

  • Mental health first aider

  • First aid & AED trained 

  • Pool lifeguard award NARSTC

  • ADHD assessor QB test

  • Youth worker at Inspire Youth

  • Specialist in early years development & individual needs 

  • Various school leadership roles including head of wellbeing in sport

  • Physical and mental health wellbeing coach at

Katie Romilly

We are delighted to have Katie join the ParentSmart Learning team as our digital marketing and communications lead.

Katie is an 18 year old aspiring fashion journalist looking for an opportunity to start her career in the fashion industry. She currently works for Mint Velvet as a sales advisor where she confidently advises customers on fashion. She has worked in customer service since she was 14 and in retail since 16. She has strong communication skills and is confident in working in a range of settings. ​At college she studied performing arts, she works well in a team. She is hardworking, passionate, independent and motivated and shows mature leadership skills. She would love to be given a chance to grow professionally and with her sights on a career in fashion journalism.

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