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Parent Smart Learning designs and delivers workshops and courses to parents and caregivers in schools and via our community partners
If you would like us to deliver a workshop at your school please contact us


Available in-person or virtually

  • Building Better Sleep

  • Managing Digital Devices

  • Boosting Self-esteem and Confidence

  • Stronger brains -Full Tummy, Hungry Brain

  • Stronger brains- Oxygenate your Brain

  • Stronger brains- People Power 

  • Managing Moods

  • Mastering Motivation

  • Shifting Mindsets

  • Handling Conflict and Difficult conversations 

  • Communicating with your teen

  • Wellbeing and Hormones

  • Managing the Exam Season​

  • Understanding Behaviours

  • Expectations and Boundaries​

  • Understanding Neurodiversity and Learning Differences 

  • Building Friendships & Managing Social Pressures

Available in-person or virtually

This course is for parents and caregivers who want to understand behaviour so they can respond in helpful ways to support the development of positive mental health and stress resilience


We translate the latest findings from brain science into easy to use skills and tools that can be used immediately to change how people feel, think and manage the ups and downs of daily life.


  • Session One: Understanding behaviour

  • Session Two: Understanding stress and stressors and the impact on behaviour

  • Session Three: Skills and tools to reduce stress behaviour

  • Session Four: Strategies to respond to behaviour 

  • Session Five: Your personalised toolkit and action plan


  • A new perspective on the behaviours you see

  • A greater understanding of why children behave the way they do

  • Strategies to respond to and handle tricky situations with confidence

  • Insights to support the development of resilience

  • A personalised toolkit  and action plan for you and your family


  • Delivered in person or via Zoom

  • One full day, 3 x 3 hours or 6 x 90 minute sessions

  • Cost: POA - depends on group size and location

  • Private groups available on request

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